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Upholstery Cleaning

Get your furniture smelling and looking better with the top upholstery cleaning in Glendale.

Glendale Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Service

The best way to deal with dirty upholstery is to have it cleaned professionally. Don’t let your stained upholstery ruin your room. Instead, call Angel Carpet Cleaning and let us help you with our top-notch upholstery cleaning in Glendale. We can deep clean and deodorize your upholstery for a fraction of the cost of other upholstery cleaning services.

When it comes to cleaning your upholstery, you have several different options. Our cleaning service offers steam cleaning and dry cleaning for your changing upholstery cleaning needs. These two cleaning styles work best under various circumstances. Our professional technicians will know which is right for you, so call us today.

Steam Upholstery Cleaning In Glendale

Steam cleaning machines fire hot water with mild chemicals at high pressure into the fibers of your upholstery and then suck everything back up. This accomplishes two things. First, the water, chemicals, and heat dissolve and melt many of the particles in the upholstery. Second, the force of the pressure dislodges everything not dissolved.

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to deep clean. Regular vacuuming is never going to be able to reach as deeply within the fibers. It’s also not as comprehensive, only sucking up materials that aren’t already lodged inside. It’s a great idea to get a steam upholstery cleaning in Glendale.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning In Glendale

Dry cleaning uses chemicals such as powders and shampoos alongside a bit of moisture to eliminate grime. These chemicals are scrubbed into the upholstery and react with the particles inside. This causes them to dissolve and rise to the surface. After sitting for a little bit, the chemicals are all vacuumed up, and your upholstery is clean.

If you need upholstery cleaning in Glendale, dry cleaning is a great option. As you can imagine, it’s better than just vacuuming your upholstery since vacuuming is just one of many steps in dry cleaning. It’s a great way to get microscopic particles out of your upholstery.

How To Choose A Type Of Upholstery Cleaning in Glendale

Before making a choice, you need to ensure you have the right cleaning information. There are a few factors to consider when hiring a Glendale upholstery cleaning service to perform deep cleaning.

First – how long can you wait for your upholstery to dry? Is this a piece of furniture that you need to use immediately, or can you wait a while? On top of that, what’s it made out of? Are these fibers known for being fragile, or can they handle a somewhat rough cleaning? Finally, what kind of dyes are in there? Do they run if exposed to excessive moisture?

If your upholstery can’t handle a steam cleaning due to fragility or wait times, go for dry cleaning. Otherwise, steam cleanings are generally more effective.


Can I clean upholstery myself?

If you really want to clean your upholstery, you should use deep-cleaning techniques. The best way to ensure these techniques are done correctly is to hire a professional.

What do professionals use to clean couches?

Steam cleaning machines are the most common way to clean couches professionally. Dry cleaning powders and shampoos are also used.

Is steam cleaning good for upholstery?

Steam cleaning is not only a solid choice for upholstery but is the best way to clean your upholstery. It’s one of the options offered by our Glendale upholstery cleaning service.

Can you dry clean a sofa?

Sofas can be dry cleaned through powders and shampoos. Our Glendale upholstery cleaning technicians can dry clean your sofa for you.

Can you steam clean a fabric sofa?

Steam cleaning works great on most fabrics, including sofa fabrics. Check if yours can handle steam cleaning.

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